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Please enjoy browsing the books Birch psychologists regularly recommend in their therapy.

For adolescents, and anyone with adolescents in their life. Simple and relatable ideas explain how to view some of the challenges of adolescence as strengths, helping to set young people up for a healthy adult life.

A compassionate and informative book. It may help those who would like to learn more about how to manage tricky relationships and support people in their lives who struggle with their emotions.

A sensitive, compassionate and straightforward guide to navigating the end of life. Case examples and practical suggestions to help individuals and families make decisions about their wishes.

A pocket-sized book exploding with information. While addressing sleep is never easy, this contains strategies we know can help improve sleep when applied consistently.

A tale for the dreamers! A lovely story to explain the benefits of ‘being’ over ‘doing’, and how our unique strengths mean we all contribute.

For those who want more information about the benefits of sleep. It’s hard to argue against the need to build more sleep and downtime into our lives after reading this book.

Acknowledging that hurt, big and small, comes with all human relationships, this book will help both the hurt and the hurters find ways to come through it with compassion and understanding.

We have an affiliate relationship with Amazon Books, and receive a small payment for books purchased through the links on our site. We hope that you find these resources useful, wherever you choose to purchase them.

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